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We know that books enrich lives. We know that indie bookstores enrich the communities they serve. As a wholesaler, we are honored to serve booksellers and to play a role in delivering those books into the hands and hearts of readers.

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Best Everyday Discount

We offer the same generous wholesale discount to all indie bookstores, regardless of actual size or aspirational size. It's available on every order, every day, with no annual spending requirements. It's one way we're helping your store be the most profitable it can be. Ask your sales rep to walk you through our terms.



Sometimes we offer extra discounts on backlist (and even frontlist) books, as well as sidelines. It's one way we bring attention-worthy items to the fore and offer a few extra points of margin to you, too.

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Indie Reserve

We know: You need what you need when you need it. That's why we have a team dedicated to anticipating those needs, hiding away inventory on titles critical to indie bookstores. That way, if all other Baker & Taylor inventory depletes, we have extra stock set aside exclusively for indies. It's just another bonus of working with Baker & Taylor. Ask your sales rep to check if you have access to Indie Reserve.


Not-Yet-Published Books Simplified

Come to us to order books 30 or more days before they publish and we'll reward you with an extra 2% discount.

We know that collecting pre-orders from your customers is a critical strategy for a bookstore's success, so we want to help you identify forthcoming books to stock and promote. That's why we publish forward-looking lists of titles on Edelweiss in a handful of categories to simplify your frontlist ordering.

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We're proud to carry thousands of non-book gift items sourced from boutique suppliers as well as some of the most popular brands on the market. Most of our sidelines receive a generous, standard everyday discount as well as returnability. Choose from amongst standards such as journals and stationery, toys and plush, and literary gift items. Plus, you can order books and sidelines together on the same PO to help your store meet its free-freight minimums.

Our Current Catalog

2019 Holiday Sidelines

2018 Holiday Gifts Catalog

It's here! Our best assortment of games, stocking stuffers, and more. We're happy to announce that we now carry Shinola Journals, making us an easier source for the beautiful blank books. Order using your POS system, TS 360, or contact your sales rep.

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Some of Our Programs

STEPS New Store or Expansion Program

Our team delivers dreams and an opening store inventory in just six weeks. Our sales team will meet with you to discuss your vision for your store, then deliver a suggested title list based on your needs and your budget. Even though we making things happen quickly, there's room for you to customize. Then we deliver all of your books, packed by subject, for easy shelving. That's only the beginning.

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Home Delivery

With Home Delivery, your inventory isn’t limited to your shelf space. You can make the sale even if you don’t have the products in store. Take the order from your customer, place the order with Baker & Taylor, and we ship it directly to your customer’s home, complete with a personalized packing slip. In-stock orders ship fast and you can follow the provided tracking information all the way to your customer’s doorstep.

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